Monday, 4 April 2016

Glasgow to Edinburgh Double Marathon (GEDM)

It was shortly after my race in January, Country to Capital, 43 miles from Wendover to London finishing at the end of the Grand Union Canal in Paddington that back home people were starting to become interested in the Anglo Celtic Plate being held on Easter Sunday in Perth, Scotland not the one in Australia, decisions to make should i enter or consider going back to do Glasgow to Edinburgh, for me there really only one choice, to go back and do the GEDM.

I arranged for my crew from last year to provide support, Sam Green and Andy Hegarty, they would supply me with all i need at the less busy points, i arrived at Ruchill Park and got my number, walking back to the car i had a chat with David Alan, David is a really focused runner with a never say die attitude, we had a quick chat before heading on to the start line, a quick hello to Alan Mooney and Mark Ashby, i ran with Mark a few weeks earlier and also got a run with on the canal with Gerry Craig, Barry Johnstone was out on his run and took time to pop down to wish me all the best, a top bloke.

We were called to the start, conditions were perfect, it was dry and no wind, then we were off, i was first on to the canal followed by unknown to me Lee Muir, he flew past me and opened a big gap, i continued along until around 9 miles when i had a pit stop and turned round to see Latvian Runner; Ruslans Sulga, we had a quick chat, he said he was staying in Forfar and had run Half Marathons, heading along the canal we met Susan and Terry Addison who gave me some kind words of support, shortly after Robert Rogerson appeared running towards us, he was just back from a virus and kept us company for a good half mile or so, Ruslans seemed to have a good turn of speed and started to open up a gap, i knew that i was running faster at this time than last year so i decided to just sit tight as i still had a long way to go and was not sure how good the front runners where.

I went through Checkpoint 1, 13 miles (21.1km) in around 1:32, time was passing very quickly and before i knew it i was at checkpoint 2 (Falkirk Wheel), 23 Miles (35.8km) when i caught up with Ruslans who had stopped for his drop bags, we both climbed up the hill and through the tunnel, again he put the foot down after leaving the tunnel and opened up another gap at this point i still decided to sit tight, i went through Marathon in around 3:08 and 50km in 3:47 still feeling good i did not want to overdo things as i still had 24 miles left to go, passing through Linlithgow, 34 Miles (54.3 km), i knew that as long as i kept working away i was still on the target time i put in my entry form which was 7 hours, if the front guys are faster than that then there is nothing i could do, the next section to Broxburn, 42 miles (67.6km) seemed long as the underfoot kept changing from the newly laid tarred surface back to sections of natural trail, i knew that once under the motorway the last checkpoint, Ratho, 47 miles (76.1km) would not be far away, at this point i was told that the leaders were around 7 minutes ahead but i was not sure in what order, i decided not to get caught up in it and just started to count down the miles, my support were great they would appear from nowhere throughout the whole route but would always time it perfectly to find me (runners intuition), at Ratho i got lots of support from all the adults and kids out cycling, they kept me going for a couple of miles as we passed each other as they took a stop when a shower was threatening, 7, 6 and then 5, i went through the 50 miles in around 6:22 once crossing beside the Bypass i was counting down whilst remembering passing the points the year before, i was into the last mile and i could then see the finish buildings in site, i crossed the line in 7:03:29, still delighted and probably still one of the fastest 3rd place finishers, so i was still delighted.

I was greeted over the line by the one and only Sarah Self,  2 years running, a quick hug and a few snaps, i went over and congratulated both 2nd Lee who was sitting down and 1st, Ruslans who was on the massage table, both looked worse than me, lol, unfortunately i had to leave immediately so apologies to everyone behind me as i could not stay a while longer to see most cross the line as my phone was ringing in my pack along the last mile and a half, it was Angela to say that her mum was rushed into hospital but as i write this she is now out and back home.

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