Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter Weekend

I knew that in my plans i wanted to use the Easter weekend as my last training schedule in preparation for my first Fling, its not easy when you have never raced more than 41 miles before, the unknown teritory of running another half marathon on top is going to bring a new experience both physically and menatally, since Wednesday i have run consecutive up to the Holiday Monday, i knew that it was going to be my final back to back runs that would be the test. My plan was to run the 7 days consecutive with the emphasis on my longer weekend runs. I managed to complete them with 3 x 20 miles at a steady pace along with getting in the distance and time. all i can do now is relax the rest of the week and wait and see what i learn from Saturday, Best wishes to all who are running on Saturday.

Wednesday - Total Mileage 9.11 - Total Time 1:08:25 - Ave Moving Pace 7:27
Thursday -     Total Mileage 8.04 - Total Time 1:01:59 - Ave Moving Pace 7:40
Friday -         Total Mileage 9.03 - Total Time 1:08:30 - Ave Moving Pace 7:31
Saturday -     Total Mileage 20.17 - Total Time 2:32:10 - Ave Moving Pace 7:29
Sunday -       Total Mileage 20.03 - Total Time 2:38:47 - Ave Moving Pace 7:47
Monday -     Total Mileage 20.01 - Total Time 2:30:08 - Ave Moving Pace  7:27

Total Mileage 86.39 - Total Time 11:00:02

Monday, 18 April 2011

Pre Fling Training Weekend 1

Today i completed my 1st back to back training weekend in preparation for the Fling . I decided to run from Kirkintilloch towards Glasgow on the canal, my aim was to get in a second 4 hour run in two days, the day started well as i left the house at 6:15, it was a fantastic morning with the sun out in full, as i got on to the canal it was great as it was so peaceful, i continued along at a steady pace into Glasgow until i got to Anniesland before i about turned, on the way back it was steadily getting warmer and the tow path was starting to fill up with cyclists, when i arrived back in Kirkintilloch i headed for Lenzie and followed the old railway line back to Chryston where i met the guys heading out for their usual run at 9:30, we had a quick chat before i headed home over the last 2 miles to try and catch some of the London Marathon.

 Sun Totals -Total Mileage 28.28 Total Time 3:43:33 Ave Moving Pace 7:54
 Sat Totals - Total Mileage 30:16 Total Time 4:04:33 Ave Moving Pace 8:02

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Two Weeks Today

My plan today was to get up early and get on to the canal for a 5 hour run but when i woke at 5:30 i decided to change my plans by driving to Milngavie. i parked at the usual spot in the town as you never get any hassle regarding parking.
I set off from the start point at 6:15 with a revised plan of doing 4 hours so off i went, the conditions to start with were overcast skys and it was quite cool, i arrived at the 10 mile point in 1:20 and continued through in to Drymen as i hit the car park at Garadhban, the signs were out saying that it was closed along with the trail due to the forrestry commision carrying out some tree felling however all was quite so i continued through doing a loop in the forrest at 15 miles. as i was heading back i met some runners on their way out.
I was feeling reasonably good today and came through the 20 mile mark in 2:22 as i arrived back in Drymen the sun was out in full force which felt good as i was now on the tarmac section, by the time i reached Carbeth lots of walkers and runners were out in force which made the next few miles fly by, i went through marathon distance in 3:32 which was perfect as i did not want to do anything silly with two weeks to the Fling as i continued back into Milngavie i completed the 30 miles in 4:04.

Total Time 4:04:33 Total Distance 31.16 Average Moving Pace 8:02

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Following the GEDM

My plan today was to meet up with Marco and some of the guys to get in a 25 miler but during the week came the news that Marco had injured himself so i decided to fit in a longer run on the canal and watch the Glasgow To Edinburgh Double Marathon.
I left the house at 6:30 and new that i could get to the Falkirk Wheel and be nearly back before the runners would come through checkpoint 1,which is at Auchenstary Loch. on the way back i had a quick chat with the Marshall's who confirmed that the first runner was not far away so i decided to keep moving as i did not want my legs to seize, as i continued along the canal for a few minutes more , i could see Grant Jeans coming towards me after giving Grant a cheer i continued on into Tweechar, a further ten minutes had passed before the next runner came through followed closely by a steady stream of runners who were at this point all within 5 minutes of each other.i gave every one a cheer as they passed and even stopped to try and get some pictures, as i was approaching Kirkintilloch the last 3 runners came through, it was going to be a long day as the weather was starting to get warmer.
As i left Kirkie heading into Lenzie with 4 Miles still to go my legs were getting heavier and my juice all been used, it was a bit of a struggle to the finish as this was going to be my longest run since January, finally i arrived home in just over 5 hours with 37.20 miles in the legs so now i will sit out and enjoy what looks like the warmest day of the year, Good luck to everyone who took part today, some photos are available from my website for anyone to help themselves, just follow the tabs, sorry if the quality of some is not great.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

March Review 2011

Well now that March has come to an end, looking back it has been another low mileage month of 186, similar to February, over the past week it has been easy to see why its so low, i just couldn't be arsed getting my backside out the door, reasons, who knows, i thought after training well in January i would take that in to the race season but it just has not happened. even after the D33 again i thought that should kick start things, so now April is here and it is only 5 weeks today till the Fling. I was out today at 5am for a 4 hour run giving me 28 miles, so it gives me a good starting point for April.