Monday, 22 November 2010


Whilst it may be less than six weeks to Christmas most of you will now be starting to focus on training runs for the WHW. Reading the forums most folk tend to use the Highland Fling as stepping stone, so i thought to cheer you up as you train you can mull over previous fling results (by surname/time), if i have missed your name my apologies,i hope this gives you that boost over the winter period that may just encourage you to keep your training up. Happy Training

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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Running Update for November

Monday 15th November- on Holiday
Tuesday 16th November - 9 Miles
Wednesday 17th November -  10 Miles
Thursday 18th November - DNR
Friday 19th November - 9 Miles
Saturday 20th November - 27 Miles (back out to Barhill Fort and Croy Hill - see map)
Sunday 21st November 22.5 Miles

Total Mileage 77.5

Australia calling

I returned home on Tuesday morning at 9am and was out running nine miles by lunchtime, i wasn't long in when the phone went, my mate Stu  from Oz on to say that he saw my acceptance for the WHW, as we chatted he tells me that he has also got a place but is waiting on confirmation for a place in the Western States Race which is confirmed in December and is run around the same time as the WHW (he's keeping his options open) so we will wait to see which race he takes up.

Central Park

My first weekend without running in several months, i had booked a 40th birthday surprise for my wife Angela by taking her to New York, we flew out on Friday 12th November so i knew that no running was going to take place, the guys of course said you can't do new york and not run Central Park, i said no its a proper rest, i will just enjoy the place. We did the bus tour including Liberty Iisland and the Empire State Building along with the other sites,Ground Zero, the Rockerfeller Centre and Fith Avenue shopping. on Sunday we went to Central Park, Angela wanted to do the Horse and Carriage and i wanted to see John Lennons Memorial, so off we went, the Weather was fantastic all weekend and as we drove through the park i could not believe the number of people running,cycling, on rollerblades and the people being driven round like us, oh how i wished i had stuck a pair of shoes in the case, but at least i returned home with a memorable time and a short rest from running.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

WHW Confirmation

What a wait it has been to find out if my application was going to be accepted, i wasn't sure whether i would need to run a qualifier or not but after some words of encouragement from the forum my e-mail form stan arrived to say that i was being given a place so now i can enjoy whats left of this year and look forward to 2011.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

1st - 7th November (update)

I have managed four runs in the first seven days of November, it was good to continue with my long run yesterday, i headed out to Drymen and back, my total distance being twenty four miles in a time of  three hours and twenty minutes on the whw, today i did sixteen considering the month of October was poor i am pleased, i will loose a weekend next week as i will be in New York celebrating my wife's 40th birthday, i think i can afford to take it off or i would not be forgiven. My plan is to get back on the way in  a few weeks time and take the mileage up to thirty, fifteen out and back and try to build on this each month. if anybody wants a run on the way in the next few weeks then drop me a line via my website and we can meet up.

What happened in October

I don't know where to start after my build up for the RAW i thought this would be the springboard through the winter but i must say i have went flat, with only 13 runs i didn't even do 50% of the month, the only Conciliation was that i managed good Sunday runs

2nd October - Forth & Clyde Canal out to the Union canal and back - 38 Miles
9th October - Run Round the Glasgow Boundary - 27.5 Miles
16th October - The Stride - 33 Miles
23rd October - Sunday Run with the Nicholson Guys - 25 Miles
30th/31st - Working (not really an excuse)