Saturday, 9 October 2010

West Highland Way 2011

Well it has been eight days since the West Highland Way Race opened for entries, with a further four weeks waiting time to see if i have been successful in getting a place but at least it gives you a buzz of excitement, well back the usual stuff, since my last race of the season, the River Ayr Challenge i took a few days off then started back with 7 miles on the Tuesday followed by 13 miles on the Friday i don't normally run on the Friday but as i was working the weekend, this would give me a couple of runs in the legs.
 I decided as it was holiday Monday i would head for the Forth and Clyde so off i went at 06:30 and manage to put in 31 miles, the following day i rested then did 10.5 on Wednesday, rested again on Thursday, then ran Friday the same as my Wednesday run, i went back on to the Forth and Clyde Canal on Saturday and took it out to the Union, just up the hill from the Falkirk Wheel, after a juice and a bite to eat i was off heading home, it started to rain as i came back in to Kirkie and my watch ran out of charge showing 31 miles, i new in my legs that i had over done it today as i got to 35 miles i decided to walk and run finishing off the last 3 miles, giving me a total of 38 miles. Sunday was a easy run from the Nicholson Centre with Sam, as he had just returned from a Marathon so we did 13 Miles. Over the week i had completed my most mileage in a long time by doing 103, no wonder i was tired! it was my own fault because i had given my self 2 set days off, Monday and Friday but i broke that rule due to working the weekend and the public holiday Monday, i will not do this in future.

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