Saturday, 16 October 2010

take it in your Stride

I decided that i should start to get some speed in my legs, i have no current plans to compete for my club in the relays at present but now is as good a time to get started. I did three tempo runs during the week and on Saturday i decided to run the stride to Strathclyde Park but after taking a few wrong turns and hitting the 20 Mile mark well before the park i decided to about turn as i could feel the mid-week in my legs and i still had to get back home, i suppose it has to be expected after my tempo runs.

Monday- Rest
Tuesday - 7 Miles Tempo- 7.49,7.04,6.52, 6.42,6.40,6.44 and 6.28
Wednesday - 9 Miles Tempo - 7.05,6.52,6.49,6.44,6.13,6.03,6.14,6.11 and 6.25
Thursday - 5 Miles Tempo - 6.31,6.04,5.59,5.51 and 5.44
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Long Run - 33 Miles - See map

Total Mileage for week

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