Sunday, 6 March 2011

Meikle Bin

Meikle Bin (courtesy of the Gazetteer of Scotland)

A hill surrounded the commercial plantation of the Carron Valley Forest in the S of Stirling Council Area, Meikle Bin rises to 570m (1886 feet) 3 miles (5 km northeast of Lennoxtown and 4 miles (6.5 km) northwest of Kilsyth. The lower summits of Little Bin (443m / 1453 feet) and Bin Bairn (reaching 400m / 1312 feet) lie to the north. The Carron Valley Reservoir is located 2 miles (3 km) to the northeast [Link]

Sam,Paul and Tam at Trig Point 4753 Miekle Bin
Today I met up with the guys for a final training run with them before the D33, I ran over the 2 miles to the Nicholson Centre just before;Tam arrived in his car, followed by Sam a few minutes later. We waited for another five minutes to see if anyone else would be joining before setting off. the guys had been planning to get back on to the Meikle Bin for some time as you can see from the above text, this will explain to anyone not sure where exactly it is. we parked in the car park at the Carron Valley Reservoir where Paul was waiting. we headed off along the undulatiing trails as they started to climb towards then MB, just before the final push to the top you leave the trail and cut through an opening which is a bit muddy then back on to open field for the final stretch up to the top. We stopped for a quick picture at the trig point (4753) and some juice before heading back down, as we left the guys showed me a piece of  the wing from an aircraft that had crashed many years ago killing both occupants [Link]. we continued to head back down to the car park completing the 13.08 mile in 2 hours and 7 minutes where we said goodbye to Paul as we headed back to the Centre where i got dropped off for my final 2 miles back home.


  1. I was up Meikle Bin for the first time ever last Sunday - it's a great wee hill for running on. You should try the trail across from Tomtain to Meikle Bin sometime, preferably after a few days of dry weather.

  2. Ali maybe between the D33 and the fling we can meet up for a run and you can show me the route

  3. Hi Robert, thanks for your comment on my blog.
    You seem to be in good shape for the D33.
    Quite an interesting and competitive field. Good luck!