Monday, 18 April 2011

Pre Fling Training Weekend 1

Today i completed my 1st back to back training weekend in preparation for the Fling . I decided to run from Kirkintilloch towards Glasgow on the canal, my aim was to get in a second 4 hour run in two days, the day started well as i left the house at 6:15, it was a fantastic morning with the sun out in full, as i got on to the canal it was great as it was so peaceful, i continued along at a steady pace into Glasgow until i got to Anniesland before i about turned, on the way back it was steadily getting warmer and the tow path was starting to fill up with cyclists, when i arrived back in Kirkintilloch i headed for Lenzie and followed the old railway line back to Chryston where i met the guys heading out for their usual run at 9:30, we had a quick chat before i headed home over the last 2 miles to try and catch some of the London Marathon.

 Sun Totals -Total Mileage 28.28 Total Time 3:43:33 Ave Moving Pace 7:54
 Sat Totals - Total Mileage 30:16 Total Time 4:04:33 Ave Moving Pace 8:02


  1. Bob, that's some solid running in two days. I have just about managed half of that in three days. See you at the Fling!

  2. Thanks Thomas but you have the experience over the course and a 60 miler under your belt to see you through, i still have to achieve this status, the most i have raced is 41 so it will be interesting to say the least, best wishes.