Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter Weekend

I knew that in my plans i wanted to use the Easter weekend as my last training schedule in preparation for my first Fling, its not easy when you have never raced more than 41 miles before, the unknown teritory of running another half marathon on top is going to bring a new experience both physically and menatally, since Wednesday i have run consecutive up to the Holiday Monday, i knew that it was going to be my final back to back runs that would be the test. My plan was to run the 7 days consecutive with the emphasis on my longer weekend runs. I managed to complete them with 3 x 20 miles at a steady pace along with getting in the distance and time. all i can do now is relax the rest of the week and wait and see what i learn from Saturday, Best wishes to all who are running on Saturday.

Wednesday - Total Mileage 9.11 - Total Time 1:08:25 - Ave Moving Pace 7:27
Thursday -     Total Mileage 8.04 - Total Time 1:01:59 - Ave Moving Pace 7:40
Friday -         Total Mileage 9.03 - Total Time 1:08:30 - Ave Moving Pace 7:31
Saturday -     Total Mileage 20.17 - Total Time 2:32:10 - Ave Moving Pace 7:29
Sunday -       Total Mileage 20.03 - Total Time 2:38:47 - Ave Moving Pace 7:47
Monday -     Total Mileage 20.01 - Total Time 2:30:08 - Ave Moving Pace  7:27

Total Mileage 86.39 - Total Time 11:00:02

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  1. Hi Bob, that's pretty much what I have done. Mileage and effort wise. Not everyone's cup of tea since it does not quite match the idea of a (long) taper. But it works for me (fingers crossed). Longer tapers like a 40 mile week (instead of that 80+ week) usually take the momentum out of my training.

    Good luck for Saturday.
    I'll see you at the finish (since I got a late start).