Wednesday, 25 May 2011


This week saw my mileage reach the First thousand miles of the year,last year i had recorded a total mileage of just under two thousand  miles so with only five months in everything is going well. Now that the Cateran has passed and with just over 3 weeks to go the focus for everyone has now moved on to the WHW ,I can never imagine what it is going to be like until race day is upon us , it is always good to practice over the course but until the race starts my mind will have all sorts of things going through it. As this is the holiday weekend my plans are to get in some long back to back runs. i enjoy doing these as i feel that they help convince the mind that you have simulated the time on legs,the feeling of running tired and  of course covering the distance +. On Friday evening the plan is to meet up at Sams house with my support crew and go through the finer details. Sam will be away on holiday the following week, then i will be working the weekend before the race so this is the ideal oportunity to discuss everything.

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