Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Back to normal

It's been a few weeks now since the fling. i managed to get some light training in from the Wednesday after the race but had to work that weekend so my first long run took place yesterday morning, i was up and out for 5:30 as i had to attend a party in the afternoon, i decided to head out towards Kirkintilloch and follow the cycle path out to the Kirkhouse at Strathblane. the forecast was for rain all day but when i set off it was cool and overcast lucky enough it stayed like that for the whole run.
  I reached the halfway point i was feeling fine but by the time i went thriugh marathon distance (3:17) i  could not believe how stiff my legs were . i though that after running 53 miles on the WHW a 30 miler on the flat would be fine, how wrong i was but at least i now have the first one under the belt in preparartion for the biggest event ever in my running career which is just now just over 4 weeks away. i know that JK's group have the double  run this weekend but unfortunately i cannot make it as my daughter makes her first communion on Sunday and i have too much to do over the weekend, so it will just be a long run on Saturday with a couple of hours on Sunday. good luck to everyone taking part over the WHW.

Distance 30.51 Miles Time 3h 53m

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