Sunday, 21 November 2010

Central Park

My first weekend without running in several months, i had booked a 40th birthday surprise for my wife Angela by taking her to New York, we flew out on Friday 12th November so i knew that no running was going to take place, the guys of course said you can't do new york and not run Central Park, i said no its a proper rest, i will just enjoy the place. We did the bus tour including Liberty Iisland and the Empire State Building along with the other sites,Ground Zero, the Rockerfeller Centre and Fith Avenue shopping. on Sunday we went to Central Park, Angela wanted to do the Horse and Carriage and i wanted to see John Lennons Memorial, so off we went, the Weather was fantastic all weekend and as we drove through the park i could not believe the number of people running,cycling, on rollerblades and the people being driven round like us, oh how i wished i had stuck a pair of shoes in the case, but at least i returned home with a memorable time and a short rest from running.

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