Friday, 10 June 2011

can't get you out of my Head

It's friday, i have one week to go and like the rest of the runners taking part in the WHW it should be time to wind down. now i don't usually run on a Friday as this is one of my rest days but this is no normal weekend , my wife Angela and Abby are away to a Brownie camp all weekend so i couldn't sit on my arse and not do something so i decided to head out for a run, takes your mind of things or so i had hoped but as Kylie says, cant get you out of my head and thats exactly what is happening in relation to next week.for someone attempting to run their first 95 Miles in a weeks time its hard to think of anything else. so back to the run, the night turned out well the sun was out and it was pretty warm so i decided to run a loop at the house which took in 13 miles, i was trying out a new pair of shoes for their second run, what a spring in your step they give any way after checking the garmin at the end i found that i had run 2 sub 7.30, 8 sub 7.15 and 2 sub 7 and 1 sub 6.50, i hope next Friday is as Good.

Total distance 13.08 time 1h 33m

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