Sunday, 5 June 2011

Tomtain and Garrel Hills

Today was going to be my last long run before the WHW, I set of this morning at 05:10 am and headed out 10 miles along the Forth & Clyde Canal until i reached Kilsyth, once there i decided to head up what i believe to be one of the steepest road sections in central Scotland, Tak Ma Doon Road, once at the car park at the top where you can take in fantastic views which include Grangemouth, I then cut off through the green barrier to the left and head up to Tomtain Hill (trig Point 6518) and on to Garrel Hill. At one point i thought the cloud cover was going to spoil my view but it quickly moved making my final long run all worth while. after a few minutes i started to head back down from my climb back in to Kilsyth and back on to the canal heading for home.

Distance 30 Miles - Total Time 4:05 - Elavation Gain 2118 ft


  1. Lucky the clouds parted for you - there's some nice views from Tomtain. I was out running round Carron Valley Reservoir and through the windfarm across the valley about the same time as you were on Tomtain - it was chilly this morning.

    Hope you have a great run in 13 days time.

  2. Ali, maybe once the WHW is out of the way, we should get Norry out and we can meet up for a long run

  3. Hi Robert

    Sounds like a good run and you cant get any tougher than the Tak Ma Doon rd, lol

    Am sure we could all meet up for a good run before the devils? rest well and hope to meet you on the 18th.