Sunday, 12 June 2011

Early Bird

As I was working today and don't finish to 3pm and knowing that Angela and Abby were due home from the Brownie camp around 4ish, there was no way that i was going to get a reasonable run in so it was up early this morning and out the door bang on 4:30 as this would get me a 2 hour run before starting work, because i had taken Saturday off i decided to do a similar distance to what i ran on Friday evening. It was a fantastic morning, the sun was out in full and it was just perfect for a run, as i was running i was thinking about the conditions for next week, checkpoints, food and so on. now i know from reading Silke's blog what Thomas means about now it is all by, all that remains in a small run on Tuesday and Thursday to keep the legs ticking over.

Total Distance 15:17   Time 1h 57 min 18 sec


  1. I can see from your map that you are training in "my area", i.e. where I spend most of my working day. I hope you have a great race! Good luck, Silke.

  2. thank you, looking forward to meeting you and Thomas.