Friday, 6 August 2010

Has the Bug got me

I get home from work one day and Stuart has been on from oz,just to a note to bring you up to date, i ran the North face 100k the other week and won it so i read the report, he's becoming a celebrity down under, appearing on morning television along with being picked to represent Australia in the 100k at the end of the year in Gibralter, this just confirms that this is the direction that i want my training to go so i am now building up for the RAW, the last race of the season in the SUMS championships, this time i will try to train better now that i have an understanding of the distance, so its a cut down on the wine or maybe not,but i will try too get a six week schedule under my belt ,nothing fancy as i am not doing any speedwork just steady running and i'll taper off the week before.

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