Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Does your watch ever decide that it does not want to play, well mine has did this the last two mornings, yesterday, it had me running in Hogganfield Loch during my 11 mile run and today, i went through my first mile in just over five minutes, i hear you say thats not bad at 5am but i know the mile marker is still a bit off. tonight when i downloaded today's route it has me starting nowhere near my house and again had me running in the Loch, i hope the satellites sort themselves out for tomorrow. map provided


  1. Hey Rob

    I've been having the same problems! In the Great Scottish Run last year I hit the first mile on the GPS quite a bit before the first mile marker. Turns out I was apparently going in and out of buildings along St vincent street.

    Also at the weekend there the gps said I did 31 miles with an out and back across the loch. When it was really about 25.

    I think the main problem is that the satalites need a clear path between you and the sky or else it just guesses. So forests, buildings or anything in between will lead to inaccurate results

  2. I think you also have to synchronise your GPS online to keep the satellite positions up to date. John Kynaston perhaps the man to help.