Sunday, 6 February 2011

Week ending 6th feb 2011 update

Today was going to be an easy run after yesterday's 33 miles so i got my self out at 8:30 and headed for Gartcosh,as i came into the village i met Andy heading over for our run, he was walking over after his 20 miler yesterday, so we had a quick chat then i said that i would see him back at the centre and continued with my loop which was going to give me 5.5 miles. I arrived at the centre for the usual start time of 9:30, all the crew were there,Sam, Andy, Tam, Marie and Tom, only a couple of the guys missing so we set of on the trail at the back of the centre heading for the marshland around Lenzie Moss, we left Marie and Tom as they were going for a long run before they fly out for a week to Tenerife, we headed back to the centre where i said farewell to the guys and headed home in just over 18 miles. So with my usual 2 days rest (Mon and Fri) and 2 days off with the crap weather, i only managed 3 days training, so my diary for week ending 6.2.11 is:

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - DNR
Wednesday - 14.01
Thursday - DNR
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 32.70
Sunday - 18.29

Total for week 65.00

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