Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Race plan complete

For some time i had it in my head that i would like to compete in 7 SUMS events, on reflection this has been a bit ambitious possibly in my first full season however i have taken stock of what i want from the season and so i have opted for 6 events, i will use the D33 and Fling along with some training weekends for my build up to the WHW, the Stride because i ran the inaugural one and would like to see how many in succession i can do, the Devils to complete the triple crown and the RAW because i thought this in my opinion is a course that i enjoyed. The main aim is to try and run well in all events without feeling fatigued, i know that i should have ample recovery time between the first 3 events of six weeks each, this then reduces to four weeks for the stride followed by three weeks for the devils and then back up to six for the RAW. I have set myself a season target of 55 hours, only time will tell how realistic i have been so i will wait to see how this compares after the final race.

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