Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sunday 27th February - Beinglas Farm to Kingshouse

We had agreed that we would all park at the Drovers for just after 9am and JK would meet us there after  he and Ross dropped of the bus at the Kingshouse. I had arrived earlier as i though i would be good just take in the views, beats waiting in Glasgow, the weather was perfect Just after 9 everyone arrived, JK, Ross, Neal, Ritchie and Gavin with Marco just arriving in time for the photo shoot. We set off and very soon after  we  had split into two groups, Ritchie,Marco and Me then the rest of the guys, we were travelling along at a fair pace going through 10 Miles in just over 1h30m, and continued this through Tyndrum, we arrived at BoO in 2h 50m throwing in some sub 7 minute miles along the way( mile 16 and 19), by now Marco and Me had opened a small gap on Ritchie but to be fair he had a long run from yesterday in his legs, i stopped for a toilet break  at BoO and was just heading back onto the last section when Ritchie came through he continued running up the hills towards Marco,we knew he would get a second wind on the last part over Rannoch Moor. as i continued towards Victoria Bridge Both Marco and Ritchie were out of site, around 25 Miles i was starting to struggle but i could see Marco in the distance but no sign of Ritchie, i guessed he was well away. i continued on knowing that it was only a further 6 miles to go, my legs were paying the price for going to fast in the middle section, as i reached the top of the last hill i could see the Kingshouse in the distance, only two miles to go and all down hill, i arrived to see Marco and Richie waiting for me, we discussed times and it turned out there was only 10 minutes between us, i ran 4:47 (average speed 9:04 pace) with Marco 5 minutes less and Ritchie 5 minutes over Marco. we went inside to sit in and have a hot drink whilst we waited for the rest of the Guys, next in was Neale  followed by JK and Ross then Gavin, we had a chat and some food before JK ran us back to the Drovers. All in a great day out.

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  1. Glad you had a good run. Looks as though you were running really well.