Thursday, 2 December 2010

Clyde Stride/Marcothon day 2

I have decided that i needed to send in my entry for the Clyde Stride 2011, however i am having problems in the final stage of payment,( no i my cheque has not bounced) so i have contacted Mrs Mac to sort the problem out, i know she will, it is a small blip but i want to make sure that although there are only 29 entries shown on the website, i want to participate again next year, this was my first ultra in 2010 so it means a lot to me, i will wait for Lee to advise, so meanwhile back to today i set of in day 2 of my Marcothon, i managed 8 miles, i thought at one stage these motorist don't like runners, i was on, off, on  and off pavements so many times as i tried to get in to a rythem i thought they want to run me down, not even a head torch did the trick, but at least day 2 has now passed, so now i can look forward to tomorrow.

Running total 18 Miles after 2 days


  1. Hi Robert, sorry you've had problems with your entry. Did you email me or Born 2 Run, I've got nothing in my in box.
    What's the problem mate aand I'll take it up with B2R.


  2. Hi Robert

    Meeting up for a couple of long runs along the canal would be great although i dont have many weekends off. I could find out my next free saturday and let you know.

    And well done on your 18miles