Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Welcome December

Most folk have been talking about snow but lets talk about December, it's Marcothon month, did we all get out today? are we going out tomorrow? will we all complete December? who really knows, all we can do is remain positive , i have not enroled on Facebook but i am with you all in spirit as i plan to run every day in December,yes the countdown is on and most of us have at least did the first day, only thirty to go so lets forget about the white stuff is only a minor setback and remain positive, hey santa is coming so continue to open your advent calendars. and hopefully we will all complete every day in December, Maybe santa might bring you something to get you motivated into the new year when Marcothon has finished.

Wednesday 1st December 10 Miles ( in the white stuff)

1 comment:

  1. hi robert

    Had to drag myself out yesterday, but things different today enjoyed a better run.

    hope day 2 was good for you?