Friday, 31 December 2010

December 2010 review

Well we have reached the final day of December, i hope that everyone managed to complete the month with some form of training. Debs sent out the invite for anyone wishing to meet whether just for a run or for all those Marcothonies out there completing the 31 days, well done to you all, sorry i could not make it to Pollok Park today but it was always going to be a last minute thing if i could make it so hence i didn't reply to Debs(sorry), i ended up doing 14 miles at now back to December

I managed to run 25 days out of the 31
my lowest daily mileage was Thursday 9th with 4.66
my highest daily mileage was Sunday 5th  with 23.33
my total mileage was 256.11
average daily mileage 10.24

2010 review
***Total recorded mileage 1982.58 ( no details for jan/feb)***
Shettleston Bob

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