Thursday, 16 December 2010

Week 2 Marcothon(the wheels came off the bogey)

Week 2 kicked of with a morning run on Wednesday at 5:15am ,the weather was so cold whilst wearing 2 pair of gloves i mis-pressed my watch and a mile later realised that my run wasn't being timed, i then had to reset it ,i managed to do 6.30 miles before walking to work(another 4.5 miles) as no trains or busses were running and my car was stuck at the house.
  Thursday i  walked 1.5 miles to get a lift that i had arranged, the temperature was showing minus 16 in the car and i knew that i would need to have a late run as Angela was going out after work as she was going to get her hair done for her Christmas night out on Friday, i managed 4.66 miles at 8.30pm. this also meant that i would need to run early Friday morning so i got myself out at 6:15am and did 8.69 miles giving me 2 runs inside 10 hours ( with very little sleep).
  Saturday i picked up Angela up in town before heading out for my run although the pavements are nearly clear of snow, there was patches of ice still lying so i headed for Robroyston and Hogganfield Loch, (some off road) this gave me another 12 miles.
  Sunday my Marcothon came to an end, i was out most of the day shopping and didn't get back to the house until after 6pm at which point, i decided i couldn't be bothered ( i hear you say lazy B**** ) yes you are correct so i opted for a bottle of beer and relaxed, after a few more beers my mind started telling me that i should have went for a run but whats done is done.
 Monday i kicked myself out of bed at 5am and was out the door for 5:17, i ran 14.62 miles in the freezing cold in a  time of 1:51:37,only to find when i returned to the house to go to work the car was showing the temperature at minus 7, i wondered what it might have been nearly 2 hours earlier.
 Tuesday, another 12 miles at 5:15 am the official last day of Marcothon week 2, how i regret not keeping up the challenge but i will continue to see how many days i do run in December, i would like to wish everyone at the halfway point the best of luck.

Wednesday  6.30
Thursday      4.66
Friday          8.69
Saturday     12.09
Sunday       D.N.R
Monday      14.62
Tuesday      12.02

Total Mileage 58.38 up to end of my Marcothon i will now revert back to adding my times Mon - Sun

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