Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Week 1 Marcothon

Like Thomas L ,now that week one is over its time to look back over a week where we were all trying to run in temperatures between minus 12 and 15, I think someone is taking the piss ( sorry D) or having a laugh. There are some good points to take from attempting to run as much as possible, mine from week one are:

1) I ran all week
2) My long Sunday run was just over 23 Miles
3) I Managed 10. miles at 5am on Monday prior to the heavy snow fall (thank goodness)
4) Decent mileage considering the week it has been

Here is my totals for the week:

Wednesday 10.1 Miles
Thursday  8.24 Miles
Friday 8.07 Miles
Saturday 10.04 Miles
Sunday 23.33 Miles (mostly Trail)
Monday 10.79 Miles
Tuesday 5.67 Miles

Total Mileage 76.15
* all can viewed on Garmin Conect Site


  1. Let's face it, without the Marcothon, who would have bothered? :-)

  2. Wow, that is in deed some mileage! In particular in that kind of weather. Are you planning something or do you always run that much?

  3. Great commitment and Well done on a very hard week.