Saturday, 11 September 2010

The Antonine Wall

Who ate all the Kippers
Well Saturday arrived,Looking out the window at 6:45 the weather looked miserable so as planned i would run for an hour then head to meet the guys so off i went with my waterproof jacket on but before too long i was sweating buckets although the rain was on it was very mild, i was glad when i had completed the hour back at the house as this allowed me to take a toilet stop,change out of my wet top and socks and change my road shoes to trail because i knew Sam had planned to take us off road. Once changed i headed to meet the Sam (yellow top) and Andy at The Nicholson Centre, Sam arrive just before Andy so off we went running onto the old railway track at the rear of the centre and headed out towards Kirkintilloch, part way along the trail we headed back on to a country road in the direction of Twechar, this is where the off road begins so we climbed up the hill towards Barr Hill, an old Roman Fort where we stopped for a moment to grab a snack and take in some fluids from there it was down through the grounds were we briefly joined the road before taking in our second hill (Croy Hill). we headed over  this until we dropped on to my regular route, the Forth & Clyde Canal which took us back in to Kirkintilloch, today the canal had a head wind and was covered with a lot of surface water. We arrived in Kirkintilloch and it was  back to the road for a Mile before rejoining the old Railway Track Back to the Nicholson, as we headed along my watch had hit the 4 Hour mark,with the guys going on 3, as we continued back we eventually said farewell to Andy. Sam was planning to run around 3.30 as he was training for 2 Marathons within a fortnight of each other so we ran togerther for about another mile before going our own way, i arrived back in just over 4.30 for 34 miles, so for me it was job completed.
Tomorrow i plan to meet Andy and Sam Along with the rest of the group for a shorter run probably in the region of 2.30 then take it easy next week before my race.

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