Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Autumnal Equinox

They say that the 23rd September is officially the end of summer well i felt it had arrived this morning,up i got at 5.15 and headed out the door at 5.20 before going to work,as i set off  on my ten mile run it was pitch black, the rain was starting to come on and it was windy, where has all the fine weather of the past few weeks went to, as i got to mile three the rain started to become heavier and the wind increased and by mile eight i was soaked, i headed around one of my usual routes which included Hogganfield Loch as the streets are well lit and by the time i would be in the park daylight should be with me. for all you runners about to set off on a run as i write this you will certainly think looking at the weather now, he must be on something.

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