Monday, 13 September 2010

week 6 build up to the RAW

Today i set out with the plan of running around 2 hours 30 min as my final run before the River Ayr Ultra, so many runners taking part next week will have their own ideas of easing off before the race, i wanted to put in around 12 miles on my own  today before meeting the guys at the Nicholson Centre,I left the house at 07:45 with the weather perfect,i headed down Cumbernauld Road and did a few loops taking in Robroyston Park and Hogganfield Loch on my way to Muirhead, as i approached the centre i had completed 14 miles. i had a few minutes rest to chat before we set off at 09:30, all that remained was to head out a few more miles before turning back.i returned home in 2 hours 40 having completed  just over 21 miles. I have planned for many weeks to rest the five days leading up to the race as i know that what i have did over the last 6 weeks will see me through and hopefully this time i will have a stronger finish in my legs. My mileage broken down for the RAW is as follows:

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - 10.5 Miles
Wednesday - 6 Miles
Thursday - 11.5 Miles
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 34 Miles
Sunday - 21 Miles

Total Mileage 83 Miles For Week

Average Mileage 78 Miles For Week

Overall Mileage for  6 Weeks Training plan for RAW 473 Miles

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