Monday, 6 September 2010

week 5 build up to the RAW

Today completed my fifth week of training for the RAW, i did 6 miles before meeting up with the guys at the Nicholson Centre in Muirhead,again another great day for running the weather was ideal and it was a chance to get some company.I  have altered some of the basics to my training by changing my rest days and this seems to be working well, i have started to build back in a speed/tempo run into the middle of the week with my long run on Saturday followed by a slightly shorter run on Sunday.Things are going well at the moment so i don't won't to over do it and risk an injury with just under two weeks to the Race.

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - 12 Miles
Wednesday - 10 Miles - Tempo Run (See Wednesday 1st Post)
Thursday - 10 Miles
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 33 Miles (4hrs 20 Min)
Sunday 16 Miles ( 2 hrs 15 min)

Total Miles 81 Miles

Average 77 Miles

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