Wednesday, 12 January 2011

January so far

January started off fine, i met  the guys at the Nicholson centre for a New Years Day run and we managed to get in 11 Miles.On Sunday i  had family coming over for dinner and new it would have to be a short run, so i did 10 miles, by the end of the run i new i was coming down with a cold as all the symptoms were there but i didn't want to stop training and thought i could run it off so on the Monday i ran 19 miles to make up for my easier run on the sunday and followed this up with a 14 the following day. Wednesday arrived but i was in no shape to run as my cold was getting worse and i did not want to ruin things by continuing until it had cleared up.
I  lost the next six days but i am glad to say that it was the right decision to rest as i now feel back to normal. i started back training on Tuesday morning at 5am and boy did i feel good i ran 10 miles inside 70 minutes, with 7 of the miles all between 6.35 and  7 pace i think the decent underfoot conditions helped along with the rest. this all changed on Wednesday when the sleet arrived, this did not stop me i still managed to get in another reasonable 10 miler again at 5am all be it 7 minutes slower than the previous day, but i put this down to the underfoot conditions.
After 12 days i have managed to get in 75 miles still with a couple of days to the mid way point so i can finish the first half with reasonable mileage knowing that the second half of January i will get some serious miles in on the WHW.


  1. I'm trying to run through a cold just now and may be forced to rest too.

    Lovin' the header picture :-)

  2. I'm loving the header pic too :)