Sunday, 16 January 2011

D33 training run 1

I decided that the time was right to start getting in the longer mileage, now that my cold had cleared up and  my running was back to normal, i wanted to start aiming for my first race of the year, the D33, sure i have training runs planned on the WHW over the coming weeks and months but i know from last year that i want to do more of the same in terms of training.
 I have entered 5 SUMS events so far but i do not want to get carried away, i will concentrate on one race at a time so back to my run today, I got word from the guys on Saturday night that they were planning to get a run in at 8:30 before meeting everybody else back at the centre for the ususal Sunday run an hour later. I decided that i would get some mileage in before meeting them, so off i went just before 5am, i had ideas in my head to run round the football grounds in North Lanarkshire,Starting with Hamilton then Motherwell and on the road back Airdrie and Albion Rovers, i like to try something different from time to time so anyway i continued through Uddingston and into Bothwell and then Hamilton but as i got further out this became unrealistic because i would need to be back in Muirhead for 8:30, so i about turned at New Douglas Park(Hamilton Accies) with only a couple of miles along the A723 from Fir Park and headed back with a slight detour up the A725 to get me there for 8:30, it seemed to work out fine because i was only back minutes when Paul,Andy and Sam arrived.

  I had managed to get in 25 Miles at this point in just under 3:30 so i was pleased, we new we had a hour before the rest arrived so we headed along one of our well used paths at the back of the centre and looped back again just in perfect time for the rest of the crew, by this time i had run 33 Miles and could feel my legs starting to get tired so the group decided that they would head out in my direction allowing me some company for the last two miles, it was much appreciated.

 So now that i have finished, although with tired legs i can log my longest run since mid Octber into the diary, what a feeling, this should give me the much needed boost over the next few weeks knowing that at least 35 miles and just under 5 hours of running is not a problem.

Total Weekly Mileage: 63.54

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